Saturday, 6 February 2010

Health Anxiety reared its ugly head.

I have not written all week because I have been unwell. I think on Sunday I was coming down with something - that might have led to my anxiety! Anyway, all week I was so mentally and physically sluggish,a little achy and my appetite was not so good. I also had a strained muscle in my thigh. I have Health Anxiety which directly relates to OCD. I began to convince myself that the feeling unwell was connected with the pain in my thigh and that it was all part of some serious illness and that I was about to collapse and have spent the latter part of the week obsessing about it. I have now managed to persuade myself otherwise and that they are unrelated. It's a problem I have not really had since childhood when it was really quite constant. I must try to keep a lid on this. As for locking up, my house has been occupied most of the week so not really had to do it. I did have to lock up the house before bed last night though and did really well. I resisted the huge temptation to check the kitchen tap and that the fridge door was shut, that the lights were off. I went to bed very proud of myself. I guess the glass of red wine might have helped. Have to lock up this afternoon so we'll see how that goes! Am off to the hairdressers - and I am taking my new Vivienne Westwood handbag!!

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