Saturday, 20 February 2010

Checking going well...but other issues not so...

I seem to have gained more control of my checking. I'm trying to retain a sense of reasoning that it's simply not necessary to do it as well as keeping in mind all the other points I have learnt.

There have been other issues lately though. Sometimes my current situation throws up other anxieties. My partner and I were due to go up north to stay with my family. I have been stressing about it. Things such as when will I get chance to do the housework?, when will I get "me" time?, what will we eat?, will I end up eating too much?, I won't get to excercise... All these things go through my mind and make going away stressful rather than relaxing. I have to say though that I have not been quite as anxious as normal which is really encouraging. Anyway, all unnecessary in the end as my partners is unwell meaning we had to cancel. Wonder how anxious I will feel when I go up in a few weeks time when we've rescheduled?

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  1. Big events or changes such as going away can generate so much worry beforehand, and yet go perfectly smoothly when they finally happen!

    I remember waking my parents up, so afraid and shaking because I was worried that my aunt might not have any tea bags... grr...

    OCD sucks.