Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sleep deprivation...OCD

My husband has started to breath really loudly while asleep. I cannot sleep because of the noise and the last few days have been tough. Sleep deprivation is hard for anyone but when you suffer from anxiety and OCD it's quite unbearable. He has tried these things which you put in your nose to hold the airways open. He tried it on Sunday and it worked a treat but then for some reason on Monday it stopped working half way through the night so I lay awake. Feeling dreadful at work yesterday I started to get really worried thinking "what if it continues for ever?", "what if I start having panic attacks?" etc.. He bought a spray yesterday which does the same job - not sure how, and he tried it last night and all was quiet so fingers crossed they'll both work! I cannot cope with such tiredness because it just makes everything seem so dark and bad.

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