Sunday, 25 April 2010

Make it stop!!

Had the hair sorted and it's now very neat and very blond. Fabulous! And yes I did buy the necklace. Ok, ok I'm crap. But I realised I have made good money on eBay. More than I thought so why not?

Anyway, a problem has resurfaced this afternoon. As well as being a checker I have repetative thoughts by which I mean I am compulsed to repeat a list of things over and over. Today I'm going over time and again what I plan to do with my afternoon. I'd actually just prefer to get on with it and enjoy it! Cannot complain too much though because I used to experience this everyday and in fact it was the norm.

Deep concentration on somrhing I enjoy usually kicks the compulsion away though so I think I shall absorb myself in Mr Toppit.

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