Saturday, 17 April 2010

Breakthrough in confidence...

Work has been crazy because of the volcanic ash. Booking and rebooking flights for my managers, it has been very stressful. Normally this would make my anxiety and in turn OCD off the scale. This time though I handled it very well and managed to keep my OCD to a minimum. I am rather pleased but realise it is something I must continue to work on.

The diet is just nicely ticking along. I am just eating what I need and keeping it 95% healthy and am quite happy with it. I might treat myself this weekend at some point though.

Talking of treating myself I am enjoying my new purchase. I got a cash award at work and decided to spend it on something frivolous - a Miu Miu wallet! It is a classic style but very pretty. Grey pink croc print leather. Gorgeous! I can feel a new clutch bag coming on but the only problem with them is they tend to be small. Being a bookworm I rarely leave the house without a book but an overstuffed bag does not look good. Problems, problems...

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