Friday, 2 April 2010

Kept up by the cooker...

Didn't sleep great last night. I was just going to bed when I unfortunately remembered that I'd used the cooker earlier so I "had" to check it. I went to bed still with some doubt and it bothered me for a long while until I could get to sleep. The compulsion to check again never really faded. Normally I sleep better on a night when I don't have to set my alarm as worrying it's set is what bothers me. I guess when you have OCD anything can bother you. I wasn't in a very happy mood either because I have been so consistently hungry lately and I don't think being down helps OCD.

My parents are staying tonight. It will be the first time I have seen them since I told them by email that I have OCD which was six months ago. I wonder what they will ask/say. I hope they bring up the subject as I will be quite offended if they don't think it important enough to. They can be quite unpredictable. Maybe they'll wait for me to bring it up.

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