Monday, 1 March 2010

Hmmmph! Everything is tricky with OCD!

Excuse me for repeating myself (OCD makes me do that!) but OCD has a lot to answer for. Another interrupted nights sleep due to hunger induced anxiety setting off the repetative thoughts in my head. My mind would not properly switch off so while I did manage to sleep it was like being half asleep. Quite frustrating! Locking up was tougher than I am used to these days as a result. Tiredness always interferes with my anxiety and OCD. I did not do too bad though. I think it was 14 minutes.

It feels at times as though I am such a sensitive sole that every small thing effects me hugely. "Normal" people can just go for a run and feel good about it but I need to struggle with the hunger induced OCD. I guess it's not down to OCD that the running makes me so hungry though! Why don't you just eat more I hear you ask, but eating more food seems to make it pointless from a weight loss point of view.

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