Sunday, 24 January 2010

Locked up quick but no designer bag!


Well, yesterday I did go out but not to the west end for the designer handbag, just into town for a few bits and managed to lock up with hardly any stress. I did struggle for ages when I locked up the kitchen though to go to bed. I had to check the cooker a million times. This seems to be something which is a problem inconsistantly. Also, in the night when I used the cold water tap in the bathroom I had to check it was off several times. This is always a problem. I really need to work on it but find it really hard because I always think that if I'm not comfortable then I won't be able to sleep which I find harder to deal with than when locking up to go out because I can then leave the house and then it's done with. If I'm in bed thinking "is the tap off?" it's possible to re-check so much harder to get out of my mind.

Oh well, must work on it!!

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