Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Check, check, check

Even when my OCD checking has improved I have always had a compulsion to check at work. Well actually none of my checking habits ever disappear completely but at work it seems particularly tough to control. I guess it's the increased sense of responsibility. Anyway, at present my anxiety at work is pretty strong. I find myself going back to check constantly. It is worse just before I leave for the day when I am wrapping up. The doubts begin. What if this? and what if that? I think I need to learn to trust myself more and have more confidence in myself. Perhaps this will help with the doubt as I think maybe it is not all down to OCD but lack of self belief which makes the doubting stronger. OCD sure does rob you of confidence. Sometimes are better than others. I will see if tomorrow I can trust myself more. I did a bit better on the locking up before leaving for work this morning though. :0)

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