Friday, 22 October 2010

Positively, slowly moving on...

I have realised, considering my last two blogs, that it is easier to deal with feelings which relate specifically to something than those which are more general. When I was critical of myself after my karate lesson I was able to reason and move on. What do you do when it is a more general overall feeling of frustration at yourself because if lack of self-esteem? I feel as though I cannot effectively grip the problem to resolve it. I suppose this is where the positive affirmations or "session" each day comes in. I hope to report back success! It has worked previously.


  1. when I just feel a general frustration at myself, I try to get myself out of focusing on how I'm feeling.

    I play music that makes me feel happy, empowered, and energized. Some of my favorites are:

    Numb by Linkin Park
    Stronger by Trust Company
    I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas
    Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf
    Single Ladies by Beyonce
    Get Happy by Judy Garland

    I wrote a whole post about this on my blog if you wanna read. :)

    Good luck! Hope your session is a good one. :)

  2. Recently I had a sort of "self-hatred" attack. I was so frustrated that I finally just emailed my therapist in despair. As cheesy as it sounds, he later printed out the email and had me go through it pointing out the cognitive distortions I was making in the moment when I wrote the email. Though at the time I might too overwhelmed by my feelings to look at my thoughts/feelings more rationally, I think looking back at the email and doing this cognitive restructuring exercise might help me deal with those feelings a little better in the future. I still struggle with what to do in those instances to, but hopefully this strategy will help. We'll see...