Saturday, 17 July 2010

Self-esteem and me...

I realise I have not written for ages! I have just been pootaling along with my efforts to learn to be myself, appreciate and love myself and I think it's working. I am also using what I have learnt from Spirituality. I recently went to an Inner Space (centre of peace and spirituality in Covent Garden, London) talk on self-esteem which was very useful and reminded me that happiness really comes from within, from learning who you are, your values and loving yourself for them. I am meditating for 10-20 mins per day, concentrating on my good values and basically how lovely I am which sounds ever so self-indulgent but hey if you need to convince yourself you're worthy of love you've got to do it!

Now, about the OCD full on exposure. I am trying to be strict and not doing too bad but it's a case of constantly telling myself to challenge it every time without exception. Lots of work still to be done but at least I'm going in the right direction. Ongoing, never ending but one day I'll be winning!

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