Tuesday, 22 June 2010

What joy is the sun...

I decided to book a day off work tomorrow. I strangely feel I have to justify the luxury. Well here goes: I have plenty of holiday as I didn't take it all last year, it's not too busy at the moment, the sun is shining at last and quite frankly I want to. I do enjoy having the odd day off now and then. As long as I don't stress too much about my in box at work!

Whatever to do? Well sunbathe but first there's a little shopping I want to do and I might finish off with watching Wimbledon in the afternoon. I'm trying to do a little writing about some "experiences" of OCD. Not sure how interesting that will be to anyone who does not have OCD though!

I am really making at effort on the total exposure. I have rarely managed to refrain from checking at all but have massively cut down the checks so I will just keep aiming for no checks and see how I go.

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