Sunday, 1 April 2012

Stop the noise

I have just graded for my purple and white karate belt. This is something which makes me incredibly happy.

I have noticed that in the two weeks coming up to grading all the noise in my head stops. I need to focus on my grading and practice and prepare. I somehow seem to be able to achieve this state of mind where everything else takes a back seat and all the negative self talk and general skewed thinking inside my mind ceases. It is peaceful. Of course I am nervous and working hard but things are much clearer without the clutter. In comparison to my usual experience this is peaceful.  I have learnt that I can stop all the noise in my head. But how can I make this happen day to day? I have noted that when I achieve this clear and quiet state of mind coming up to grading it is automatic rather than conscious. I don't think - "right I need to have focus now and not worry about other things" - it just happens. There is something in my unconscious which believes that it is so important I achieve in karate I am somehow able, without even consciously trying, to get focused and block out all else.

If only I could  summon up a feeling of necessity to have this mind set for the day to day. Then I could control all the negative self talk and feelings which I struggle with everyday, focus, achieve and be happy. Of course though my ability to achieve this state of mind is down to my passion for karate. You cannot be passionate about the day to day.


  1. It sounds like you are getting into a "flow" state, when all else falls away and you are focusing on one thing. That's a wonderful state to be in! Sometimes i can achieve it when I'm doing something that I feel like I'm supposed to be doing, fulfilling who I am, like writing. When I practice yoga, I can sometimes do this too.

    I have been working on increasing my mindfulness. It's very difficult for me, because my thoughts tend to swirl around future worries and past mistakes. But I am meditating, and that helps. It's a slow journey, but it is worth it.

    Perhaps you can use the state of being, the focus, you have when you're focused on karate and somehow spread it to other parts of your life. It doesn't necessarily mean a passion for everything else, but more mindfulness. Easier said than done, I know.

    Congratulations on your accomplishments! I know a lot of work and skill and discipline went into that.

    1. Thanks. I appreciate your comments! I will try to use mindfulness to stop the unhelpful thinking and mind chatter. It takes discipline but I think I can do it.