Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Worry shift

I cannot manage in any way to stop checking my alarm clocks. Yes, I have to have two in case one mysteriously brakes in the night! I have managed relatively well in resisting checking windows and taps (apart from taps in the night - why is it always harder In the night?) and various other things using CBT but the thought of my alarm not going off and being late for work seems to be at the top of the fear list when it comes to checking - at the moment anyway. I seem to experience more checking at work these days than security checking at home too. Perhaps my fears have shifted and work fears are more prominent. Of course if I can learn what about work I really fear then maybe it will help me to gain more control of checking or even decrease my "need" to check by dealing with it directly. I think though that I am just worried about responsibility and security but what can be done about that? Until I start seeing a therapist I think I'll just have to struggle along with the clocks. I feel I have made some small progress with checking at work though. On average I do approximately one to two fewer checks. It's not much but it's a start. The little voice is always there..."but what if?"

1 comment:

  1. I also check my alarm clock several times before I go to bed at night. You're definitely not the only one!
    I think that's great that you've made some progress with checking at work. I know the steps can seem really small while you're doing them. I've had lots of times where I feel like I'm not really getting anywhere. But just remember that all those little efforts add up.
    Just keep doing those baby steps and telling yourself you're doing great (because you are!)