Saturday, 5 November 2011

Progressively in control

I had my last appointment for my CBT for GAD on Wednesday. It was my follow up appointment after my treatment finished three months ago. During the three months I have managed my anxiety quite well. I have felt generally less anxious in that time because I have the knowledge to deal with it if I need it. Oh how we like reassurance! I have also been quite confident in using this knowledge successfully - most of the time. My practitioner was very pleased with my quick progress due to my grasp of the CBT. She commented on how relaxed I seemed compared to previously. I felt it too. I felt as though I was more in charge of my life and as though I have achieved what I set out to. Rather than eagerly waiting for her words of wisdom so I could sort my mind out. Let's hope I can make sure it continues...


  1. Congratulations on completing your CBT treatment :)

    I am still waiting for a date for my first appointment to begin therapy - I really cannot wait to begin them so I can gain some control again over my life!

    It is very reassuring to read that it has helped you, knowing that you are farther along the road to recovery than me, and that the waiting game I am being forced to play will have a positive benefit in the long run!

  2. Hi OCD Anonymous.
    Thanks! It has helped me hugely for OCD and GAD. It really works. You have to put the work in but it pays off quickly. I will keep my fingers crossed for you :0)

  3. I am so happy to see that CBT really can help. My 19 year old daughter was just diagnosed and is on luvox, we found her an experienced therapist in CBT and hoping to get her the skills and freedom to not be on drugs for life. As a mother, I have never felt so hopeless.